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Upright Hot Water Pressure Washer

HVS Gasoline-Belt Drive Hot Water Pressure Washer
February 3, 2015
Energy Efficient Hot Water Pressure Washer
February 3, 2015

Upright Hot Water Pressure Washer


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Large, robust wheels that make it easy to transport over stairs and
other uneven ground.
Integrated tilting aid for effortless transport and cleaning.

Optimally positioned push handle allows for pushing and pulling with minimum effort.
Easily accessible fuel tank for environmentally friendly filling without spilling.

Economic efficiency
Hot water to 175°F/80°C significantly increases cleaning power with lower operating costs.
Triple nozzle with power nozzle contour offers up to 40% more
cleaning power.
Efficient heat exchanger for low exhaust emissions and minimal
operating costs.
Downdraft burner is 92% efficient and boasts 25% less fuel consumption.

User friendliness
Central control panel features 3 modes (OFF/COLD/HOT).
Safety lock prevents fuel loss during transport.
Easily viewable fuel filling level indicator makes it easy to tell when a fill up is needed.

A considerably reduced footprint allows for an easy fit even in the
tightest storage space.
Power cord hook for simple, practical and fast storage.

Kärcher quality
Durable professional pump set with brass cylinder head delivers extra power and increased endurance.
Large fine mesh filter reliably protects against dirt particle damage.
Exhaust temperature sensor offers protection against overheating
when water is low.


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