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Scrubber BD/BR 40/25 C Bp

Durable Single-Motor HEPA Vacuum.
February 23, 2015
Puzzi 100 Spray Extraction Cleaner
April 1, 2015

Scrubber BD/BR 40/25 C Bp


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Fast and thorough cleaning for small areas.
These walk-behind scrubber driers are suitable for maintenance
cleaning and for quick clean-ups. They are easy to use, compact
and highly maneuverable.

User friendly

Self-explanatory icons and a clear control panel make the machine easy to understand, which increases productivity.
Very short training period thanks to single button control [EASY].
Fewer controls make the machine easier to use.

Compact and maneuverable construction

A short wheelbase guarantees maximum maneuverability.
With large push handles for easy maneuvering.

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